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Frequently Asked Questions

444 Lofts is nestled in a unique area situated between Olde City and Northern Liberties. It is steps from each of these retail districts but away from the noise at night. When the zoning for the Grocery Store was applied for, both neighborhood groups claimed it to be within their jurisdiction.
The square footages of the units range from 743 square feet to 1,580 square feet. The ceiling height is approximately 14’ on the 8th floor and 11’2” on all of the others floors. Some of the unit’s bedrooms have been built on a raised platform with a set up steps that run to it which brings a split level dynamic to the unit. The units are either 1 or 2 bedrooms and either 1, 1.5, or 2 bathrooms depending on the size and the layouts of the unit. Some of the 8th floor units have more than 2 bedrooms.
Yes. Within the gated grounds of the building’s lot there is ample parking to accommodate one parking space per unit. The spaces are not assigned but they are guaranteed. There is a mechanical arm that rises when residents enter with the use of an issued fob. There is no additional cost for this parking space whether you rent or own a unit. There is an adjacent parking lot on the northern end of the building’s lot that the developer has a master lease with that they sublet to residents in need for a monthly fee when available. There is ample guest parking at no cost to residents or guests during the day (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM).
PETS RULE!!! Terms of the types of pets and restrictions on their number and behavior are referenced in the Condominium Association Rules and Regulations.
The Association fees for each of the units in the building range from $243 to $437 per month. What the fees cover is indicated in the Association Documents that a buyer is provided with once an agreement of sale is signed. For the most part, the fees cover general utilities for the building, maintenance and replacement reserves, insurances, legal, accounting and management costs, the cost for the doorperson and the parking lot maintenance and utilities. If you are renting a unit from the Developer, you are not responsible for any association fees.
The utilities are primarily electric for the range/stove and hot water heater and a combination of gas and electric for the HVAC system which is operated by a water source heat pump recovery system. This system is the most sophisticated, efficient, and cost effective way to heat and cool a building of this type. Specifics of how this system works can be provided by the developer. The average costs for the units vary depending on the size of the unit and the residents habits. The estimated range over the years has been approximately $140 to $180 a month.
Yes. It has been in effect since 2008 on floors 2 through 7 and since 2009 on floor 8. The current monthly taxes for the units range from $72 a month to $154 a month depending on the size of the unit.
Yes. There are a limited number of storage bins in the basement level for rent or for sale.
There is no guarantee that the unit is 100% sound proof. No such building exists. However, much attention has been given to minimize sound transmission. Between units there is a double insulated wall system with air space and homosote sound board between these walls, enveloped by 5/8” fire rated drywall. Between the units and the common halls is a single insulated wall system enveloped by 5/8” fire rated drywall. There is approximately 10” of reinforced concrete between floors.
444 Lofts is a “Smart” building with both Verizon Fios and Comcast as options for your cable and wireless networks.
Each unit has been built and has been in operation since 2007. However, upgrades and modifications can still be evaluated for feasibility, priced out and performed on a case by case basis.
There is a statutory structural warranty that exists for two years from the date of purchase of a unit.
Yes. There is 24-hour front desk personnel. One of the staff that handles the morning and afternoon shift serves as the liaison between the buildings operations and the Management Company for the Condominium.
444 Lofts boasts one of the largest, if not the largest gym within a condominium complex in the city. It is approximately 8,000 square feet that is set up with a running track around the perimeter and all of the exercise equipment within the track. There are a variety of apparatus including cardio equipment, plate loaded machines and free weights. There is no additional cost for the use of the gym if you are an owner or a tenant. There is also a personal trainer that can be employed to assist people with their health endeavourers.
There are three express elevators off of the lobby. They serve as both the residential and freight elevators for the building.
On the western rear portion of the building there is a utility corridor that accommodates among other things a commercial dumpster / trash compactor / recycles area. There are no trash shoots in the building so all trash is transported by the resident to this area via the elevators.
Yes. In the same utility corridor, there is a bicycle storage room. There is also a loading dock for move-ins and move-outs.
In addition to several commercial offices, there are a variety of retail outlets and services on the first level that serve as convenient amenities to the residents of the building. MANGIAMO’s is an Italian cuisine restaurant open 7 days a week serving lunch and dinner. LUXE LIBERTY PHILLY is a full service beauty salon servicing hair, nails, skin care, massage and tanning needs and providing quality products. CITY GOURMET DELI AND MARKET is open 7 days per week with a creative deli take out menu as well as high quality convenience foods, cleaning supplies and toiletries. BIG RED PEDAL TOURS is a company that chariots people around the city in their 15-passenger pedicycles. They store them in their space and can accommodate residents in the building. There is also an ATM in both the lobby and in City Gourmet Deli. There are also two real estate offices including one of the developer’s offices – ORENS BROS. REAL ESTATE, INC.
The 444 N. Fourth Street Homeowners Association controls and runs the building. Invariably, most Condominium Associations hire a real estate management company to manage the Association. The current Manager, Orens Brothers Real Estate, Inc. is a licensed real estate brokerage company registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of State. Orens Brothers Real Estate, Inc. has managed all forms of real estate and Condominium Associations since 1980. They are also the developers of the building.

The following are all commercial and retail outlets within a one block radius of 444 Lofts:

  • Silk City Diner & Lounge
  • Del Rossi’s Cheesesteak Co.
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Ovations Salon and Spa
  • Spring Garden Market
  • Rumsey Electric
  • Colonial Electric
  • Dollar General
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • APR supply co (plumbing / heating)
  • Verizon wireless
  • Mid-Atlantic Social Security Center
  • Plaza Pizza
  • Felix Dry Cleaning
  • Museum Deli
  • China House
  • SM Fruit Salad & Smoothie Truck
  • Ken Shin Asian Diner
  • Johnny Utahs
  • Sugarhouse Casio* Notable venue in close proximity
  • Independence Mall* Notable venue in close proximity
  • Olde City and Northern Liberties Night Life* Notable venues in close proximity
There are no guarantees that there will never be structures that may be built in close proximity to this building that would obstruct views in the future. The potential for new construction that could one day obstruct views is an issue you must deal with regardless of where you live in the city. None are scheduled to date and the proximity of this building and its surrounding neighbors does not present itself to be a viable option for a developer to build a high rise at this point in time.
Orens Brothers have been in business since 1980 and have dealt extensively in the construction, management, and sales of real estate. They are considered by many as one of the most diversified real estate and construction companies in the greater Philadelphia area. Similar to this specific type of development, they renovated the Old Shoe Factory at 314 N. 12th St., a 60+ unit Condo conversion, the Pitcairn at 1027 Arch St. in Chinatown, also a 176 unit conversion at 2200 Arch Street in Logan Square, and a ground-up 350-bed off campus student housing project near Temple’s campus. Detailed information about their company may be found on their website at www.orensbrothers.com.